What is EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an elegant, quick and effective method to resolve issues on an emotional, mental, physical as well as an energetic level.
The method was invented by Gary Craig in the 80’s and has evolved throughout time. The way I perform EFT is based on Craig’s ‘Golden Standard EFT’ as published in 2012.
EFT works on four different levels all at once to achieve effective healing and to restore balance.
Whenever we have an issue, it will affect us emotionally, mentally, physically as well as energetically.
EFT assumes that in essence everything is made out of energy. When energy moves freely through our body, we feel energetic, lively, ambitious, healthy, connected, we think in a more positive way and see more opportunities.
When the energy gets distorted, blockades will occur in our energy system. These blockades result in negative beliefs, disturbing emotions, physical problems and “negative” behaviour.
Many energetic disruptions are caused by lasting emotions that we have incurred in our (earlier) lives. All unprocessed emotions, the related negative beliefs and behavioural patterns create the reality as we see and experience it on a daily basis. In this way we subconsciously hold on to our problems.

How to solve this?

To solve problems effectively, realize behavioural changes and develop your underlying potential, the Golden Standard Protocol EFT was invented.
In essence it comes to us going back to the moments when you experienced the experiences that now disturb the energy. We then link words to the experience, feel the emotions in our body and at the same time tap on a fixed series of acupunctural places. By doing this energetic blockades will solve and changes will take place on an emotional, physical and mental level.
This way of working makes it possible to realize a healing and permanent change in an elegant, quick and effective way.
The beautiful part of this method is that you can also apply this to yourself. Healing starts from within!

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