Loss processing

Everybody experiences loss in life and everybody deals with this in their own unique way. A loss can be so tough that after a period of sadness, anger, impotence and maybe even guilt, you can still not go on with your life. The heaviest emotions are slightly levelled down but it is still not possible to enjoy things, develop new initiatives or be excited again. Maybe even feelings of emptiness or sadness are involved. All unprocessed loss can result into depression.

Depending on the type of loss, your surroundings will sympathize with you for a period of time. When a child has died, the parents can count on more sympathy than when one of the old parents has died. When one of your closest family members has passed away due to a terrible accident or maybe even an offence, your surroundings will be shocked. However, when you get fired, divorced or you just had a miscarriage, the sympathy is only there for a short period of time. And when a man in his 30’s turns bald, he just shouldn’t complain. Even though this be a very heavy loss experience for him that he cannot process easily.

With mourning- and loss processing the factual experiences are not leading. It is all about your own personal reaction, experience, skills and social support that decide whether or not you can process a loss. When you feel misunderstood and little or no support, you can start to feel lonely. This can put a lot of pressure on other relationships. This pressure can on its own become a new source for stress because a fear of more loss arises. Perhaps there already were tensions before the loss and the loss itself simply became too much.

EFT helps with processing all the emotions surrounding loss and gives the experience a different meaning quickly and effectively so that you can actually go on with your life.

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