Social Anxiety

A well-known example of social anxiety is the so-called ‘stage fright’, the stress you can experience either slightly or heavily when having to perform publicly.
Whether this is about speaking at a reception, a meeting, a lecture/workshop or at a cultural event, the stress is always there. You question whether or not it will go right, or even worse, think it will most definitely go wrong or that people will laugh at you, make fun of you, or will gaze you away.
In short, your life is based on the thought that you’re not good enough, that you do not meet certain standards. These negative beliefs decide your behaviour and emotions when you are in social situations.
This anxiety, also known as fear of failure, is good to handle if in the lowest form. It can then still be hindering for your personal growth. When the anxiety starts to make you feel numb, it becomes a real calamity. Social gatherings will be evaded more often.
Palpitations, sweating, thinking of nothing else, disturbed sleep or even panicking can be the result of this.
These types of social anxieties occur very often and are very well and quickly cured with EFT.

Imagine how much better and more effective your life will be when you are freed of your fear of failure!

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