Absence through illness
As an employer, it is important to you that your employees are healthy and can perform optimally. Long-lasting stress because of circumstances at home and/or at work lead to worse performances and absence. Due to a traumatic experience (accident, violent incident) people might need to utilize the Sickness Benefits Act for a long time. On top of that, you have legal obligations regarding absence through illness. Long-lasting absence of people with psychological and psychosomatic issues costs you a lot of money due to product loss, continued wages, replacement etc. EFT has proven to be a quick and effective method for many psychological and psychosomatic issues, meaning your employees will get back to work faster.

Prevention and Improvement of performances
EFT has also proven to be an effective method to reduce daily experiences of stress resulting in employees being healthier. Your ability to concentrate, creativity, entrepreneurship, will to perform and co-operation are all strongly improved as a result of a regular use of EFT. It is a progressive technique and corresponds with the most recent developments regarding the development of human potential. Investing in an EFT training/workshop for your employees is a powerful ‘energizer’ for your company.

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