“EFT….. it works! But how it works…. I still don’t know. After a break-in in my house in August of 2015 resulting in me running into the housebreaker at the bottom of the stairs, Jan Erik invited me to multiple EFT sessions. In the period after the break-in I experienced fear, a lot of sweating and panic attacks both at home and outside. I didn’t dare to go for a run in the morning as I was hindered by sudden moments of fear/panic attacks. Sometimes I would be walking somewhere and I would start sweating immensely out of fear.. I benefitted a lot from EFT, mainly the first couple of days after the break-in. The fear and sweat-attacks drastically became less. As I said before… I don’t know how it works….. It was special to experience that it works.
That’s why I can definitely recommend Jan Erik!
If you are still having your doubts about EFT…. Just do it and experience it!

Ingrid de Laet, The Hague

“After 35 years of hypochondriacal issues and two EFT treatments I feel a lot more relaxed and I no longer need to pay attention to signals of my body all the time.
I dare to burden my heart again (exercising) and have not had any anxiety attacks anymore.
I feel stronger and have more self-confidence, although I am still curious to see whether or not it will stay that way….”

Ms. C. Schonewille, The Hague

“Even though I am normally quite sober and also quite critical regarding anything which hasn’t been theoretically proven, I decided to follow an EFT session from Jan Erik van Groen to get rid of my fear of heights and claustrophobia.
The results are simply remarkable.
After one one-hour session I went into an elevator without fear, something I hadn’t done in the last 15 years!
I can recommend it to anyone. EFT has a low threshold and, in my opinion, a lot of potential.”

Mr. S. R.              Financial Analyst, The Hague

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