Physical complaints

EFT treatment has already led to a lot of relief and sped up the curing process in multiple physical complaints.

In the vision of EFT, the body, thoughts (mind), emotions and energy are one.

When we are, for whatever reason,  under pressure, this is immediately visible in our body. When we experience this for a longer time, it starts to influence our physical and mental functioning. This can result in physical complaints and illness.

When we restore the energy balance with EFT, this therefore also results in a positive effect on the physical and mental functioning.

Of course, as with everything in life, it is important to use our common sense. EFT does not cure a broken leg! However EFT can help with pain relief and support the recovery process by stimulating the body’s own self-healing power.

It is certainly worthwhile to use EFT and integrate it within yourself when you are dealing with psychosomatic complaints.

The technique is extremely diverse and has no negative side effects. Just like the inventor of EFT, Craig, always used to say: “Try it on everything!”

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